The VW Van Goes Off-Roading

This crew prides itself on its collective ability to strip down and rebuild any failing system in any situation — which has included transaxle swaps on forest roads and engine head rebuilds on the banks of trout streams.

All this bold journeying is an attempt to better see and know their region, they say, while providing children new and different experiences.
— Mike Kane

Our friend Mike Kane joined us at the 2015 Descend on Bend and published an article about the trip for Ozy. Check it out (words and images by Mike):

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Interview by Plymouth Rock

Interview by Plymouth Rock

Go to school. Graduate. Get a job. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids. Grow old. Retire. THEN enjoy your life. This is the lifestyle so many Americans have come to accept as the norm.

I can imagine our founding fathers turning in their grave when they realize this sense of freedom they sought to create has been replaced by artificial boundaries of these  mundane expectations. As intellects, it is our right, our gut, to question what is right and what is wrong. Anyone can make that delineation, but not everyone acts on it.

The Sellmeyer family is one of those families of action. A family that is truly a sponge for life and experience...